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Geographical nformation:  

Capital:Bucharest   ( BUH );

Health: No vaccinations are required to enter Romania from any country.

Tax:No airport tax is levied on passengers upon embarkation at the airport.


Import: free import

1. (not for re-saleand not for children): 4 litres of wine or beer, 1 litre of spirits, 200 cigarettes or 200 grammes of other tobacco articles;

2.reasonable quantities ( not for resale!)of perfume, medicines and travel souvenirs, 200 grammes of cocoa, 200 grammes of coffee;

3.two cameras, one small movie camera, 24 cassete films, one portable radio, one TV set, one tape recorder, 1 binocular and 1 typewritter;

4.small gifts up to a value of ROL 2,000;

5.jewelry and art objectsprovided inscribed in the entry customs declaration.

Prohibited:All kinds of uncanned animal products, meats, milk or diary products.

Pets: cats and dogs need a combined. Health and Rabies Inoculation Certificate (legalized by Veterinary Service in the country of origin), issued at least 1 month, but not more than 12 months (for cats six months before transportation).

Export: free export

1. any souvenirs bought at tourists or stateshops accompanied by a billstating that they  were paid in foreign currency;

2.gifts up to ROL 1,000.-

Baggage clearance: baggage is cleared at the first airport of entry in Romania.

Exempt:baggage of transit passengerswith a destinationoutside Romania, provided the onward flights is within 24 hours.


Bucharest being the country's capital, is naturally the most heavily populated and important city in Romania. It is also the nation's principal city for political,administrative, economic, financial, educational,scientific and cultural affairs. After decades of almost complete isolation imposed by the former comunism regime, it is now working hard to re-establish its ties to other large European cities and to show that Bucharest is, once again, an European centre of culture, forward looking, dynamic and attactive for its beauty and history.


The city is located on the plain in Muntenia County in the South-east of Romania, just 60 to 90 metres above sea-level, on the Dambovita and Colentina rivers.

Population and Area

The city occupies an area of 228 sq. km and has a population of 2,021,000 that accounts for 15% of the urban and 9% of the national total. In terms of population, Bucharest ranks third in the region, after Athens and Istanbul.


86% of Bucharest's population is Christian-Orthodox. There is also a large Roman Catholic community as well as adherents to the greek Catholic, Baptist, Adventist, Jewish etc. churches.


Bucharest is a city with a profound cultural heritage. It boasts a large number of historical buildings, museums, theatres, concert halls, cinemas, bookshops, art galleries, other attractions at very affordable prices. Visitors who enjoy such places will find themselves spoilt for choice, with too little time to indulge in them all.


For the administrative point of view, Bucharest is divided in 6 districtes, calles "Sectors",divided radially from the centre of the city ( Piata Universitatii). Each sector is represented by an elected deputy-major, all of whom are subordinate to the General Major of the city. Bucharest also has a governor and two deputy governors appointed by the Prime-Minister.


As of 1 July 2005, Romania's legal tender, previously coded as ROL, has been redenominated so that ROL 10,000 are exchanged for 1 new leu (RON).The existing banknotes and coins, i.e. the old lei, shall be legal tender until end-December 2006.

By 31 December 2006, the existing banknotes and coins, i.e. the old lei, are to be replaced gradually by the new banknotes and coins.

Starting 1 January 2007, the exchange shall be made only at the NBR branches carrying out payments and at the offices of the credit institutions authorised by the NBR Governor's order to perform the exchange.There is no time limit for exchanging ROL notes and coins for RON notes and coins.


Money can be changed at banks, hotels and at the numerous currency exchanges offices throughout the city. Much of the time the exchange rate given at these small exchange offices is more favourable than those of the high street banks. Wherever you you choose to exchange your money, visitors are warned to look carrefully at the comission rate before handing over any money. Some places try to take advantage of the unwary by charging comission rates up to 10%. These days, however, the majority  of money changers have found a commission free rate attracts more custom!




Banks are normally open for public business between 09.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. ( many are open until 03.30 p.m.) Monday to Friday. They are closed on Saturday and Sunday and public holidays.




Police can be called at 955.


Post Offices


Post offices are open for various services between 08.00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m.




Taxi-cabs can be found near all the major hotels, outside subway stations, railway stations, main street corners and airports, etc. You can order one from the licensed companies or even stop a taxi in the street. Always check the price, bfore travelling!


Public Transport


A ticket for public transport must be pourchased before travelling by tram,bus or trolley-bus. these can be purchased from special kiosks that be found at major cross-roads and major bus stations. this type of ticket must be then punched (using the special machine that all buses and trams carry) immediatly upon boarding. For Express buses and underground ( subways ), there are magnetic cards (purchased from the same places as one trip tickets above). Subway trains run at approximately five minute intervals from 05.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. The subway is known as the "Metro" and station entrances are marked by square sighs with  a large white "M" on a blue background.




Otopeni Airport ( international flights) - phone: 021-2041000;

Baneasa Airport ( domestic flights and few international flights) - phone 021-2300020.


Train Tickets


For reservations call one of the SNCFR ( National Romanian Railways Society).


Phone services


951 -  Special Information;

9521 - Railway Information ( SNCFR );

958 -  Time;  981 -  Fire Fighters; 9591 - Weather Report;

971 -  International Telephone Servies; 

980 - Consumer Protection;  983 -  Family Protection

Ambulance services:

961 -  Health emergency;  973 - Puls;

976 -  SOS Medical & Ambulance emergencies;

9331- Salvavet (veterinary )

210 41 90 - Stomatological ( dental ) emergencies

Other useful  phone numbers:

9361 - Tarom reservatins;

9444 - Taxi Meridian

9631 - Taxi Perozzi

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