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National Museum of Art

The National Museum of Art, located in the former Royal Palace in the center of Bucharest, features notable collections of medieval and modern Romanian art, as well as the international collection assembled by the Romanian Royal Family. The National Museum of Art in Bucharest is Romania’s leading Art Museum. It was founded in 1948 to house the former Royal Collection along with those of various other museums in the country's capital. The aim of the museum is to provide a comprehensive view on Romanian art from the early Middle Age to the present, in an European context as broad as possible. The collections amassed by the National Museum of Art of Romania come from a variety of sources. They also reveal the dynamics of local museums in the first decades of the 20th century. The modern Romanian collection features sculptures by Constantin Brancusi and Dimitrie Paciurea, as well as paintings by Theodor Aman, Nicolae Grigorescu, Theodor Pallady, Gheorghe Pătraşcu, and Gheorghe Tattarescu.

Romanian Peasant’s Museum

The Romanian Peasant's Museum, founded on 5 February 1990, is the expression of long-standing museum traditions dating since as early as 1875 when, following Titu Maiorescu's suggestions, the first textile art section was to be set up, as part of the National Antiquity Museum; it displayed "countryside handiwork such as clothing, carpets, woven fabric, cloth, a.s.o", of which many items are still preserved in the thesaurus-like collections of the Museum, as they are like messages across the time. The collection on display includes 18000 pieces of pottery and 20000 examples of national dress from all over the country, as well as carpets, icons, furniture, photographs and films documenting the customs of rural life. The Museum of Romanian Peasant is the winner of the European Museum of the Year Award for year 1996. A short visit to the museum will convince you that the award is well deserved.

The Village Museum

Located on the bank of the Herastrau Lake, The Village Museum is one of the most original and fascinating museums in Bucharest and contains an amazing collection of original peasant homes drawn from around Romania. Established in 1936, it contains over 300 wooden houses, windmills, churches etc. from all over the country.  The Village Museum is an open-air ethnographic museum, the many different Romanian peasant homes, on display, incorporating the traditional Romanian village life. Many of the buildings are originals which were brought here in pieces and reassembled. The oldest houses date as far back as the 17th century. The museum extends to over 100,000 m2, and contains 272 authentic peasant farms and houses from all over Romania.


Romanian National History Museum

The monumental building which houses, nowadays, the Romanian National History Museum is raised on a place with an interesting history.  The National History Museum occupies 8000 m2 and presents in 60 rooms very important exhibits gathered from the formed National Museum of Antiquities and other similar institutions from all over the country. With these exhibits it is reconstituted the development of the human society on Romania's territory since the oldest times till present day. One can see the permanent exhibitions Treasure and Trajan's Column (in the basement) and Lapidarium (at the ground floor), vestiges concerning the human presence on Romania's territory from Paleolitic (600.000 - 6.000 BC), followed by the Dacian's material and spiritual culture, the emergence of the state's power structures in the medieval society, the Fanariote reigns, the 1848 Revolution, the Independence War - 1878, the two World Wars and Romania's entrance under the Russian influence.


National Museum of Natural History “Grigore Antipa”

National Museum of Natural History is one of the first natural history museums established in the world. The National Museum of Natural History „Grigore Antipa” has a wide patrimony of zoological collections, minerals and rocks, paleontology and ethnographic. It was built in 1908, by the noted Romanian naturalist, Grigore Antipa. The museum has on display over 30 000 items including stuffed animals and birds, a beautiful butterfly collection, unique and controversial skeletons of Deinotherium Gigantissimus which is 15 feet high, the largest elephant ever found in the world, discovered  in 1896 in Moldavia, excellent displays of sea life.


George Enescu Museum

George Enescu Museum was built in the early 20th century, in the French baroque style by the architect Dimitrie Berindei, for Prince Cantacuzino. The last owner of this house which is now a museum was George Enescu's wife who was a member of the Cantacuzino family. George Enescu lived between 1881 and 1955. He enjoyed world fame as a composer, violinist and conductor. He is looked upon as Romania's greatest musician. The museum, now, houses collections illustrating the history of music composition and documents from the life of the greatest Romanian musician George Enescu.


The Cotroceni Palace

The Cotroceni Palace, the residence of the president of Romania, is a part of the Cotroceni National Museum which is a specialized institution focused upon reflecting the history of the Medieval and Modern Cotroceni, upon the evolution and transformations that came up in time. The Cotroceni palace, church and monastery reflect a three-century history that interweaves political, military, diplomatic, religious and cultural aspects, directly with the general evolution of Romanian society. The present-day Cotroceni Ensemble proves to have an architectural design of an obvious compositional and artistic unity. Its constructive nucleus, the monastery erected by Serban Cantacuzino at the end of the 17th century, an exceptional quid mark of Romanian medieval art and architecture, underwent many changes along over three centuries of existence.              



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